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Cutting and Welding

Oxygen can be used in many different processes for cutting and joining materials. Autogenous flame cutting and laser beam flame cutting are two methods for cutting metals. Oxygen is used as a fuel gas in both methods. The metal to be separated is heated to the ignition temperature. At this temperature, the metal forms a combustible liquid which continues to burn on its own if oxygen is added. The heat ensures that th


As the molten pig iron is not immediately usable in steel production. In order to further utilise the pig iron, the carbon content must first be reduced. With the aid of refinement, oxidative processes are initiated by adding oxygen. Such processes remove both carbon and other components, such as sulphur and phosphorus, from the pig iron. There are a range of special methods in this regard, including the converter st

Water Treatment

Sewage treatment is a process of removing contaminants from waste water. Injecting oxygen into your treatment basin dramatically increases bacteriums survival and regeneration. Regardless of the conditions, even in hot climates or summer months when O2 levels are at their lowest, and consumption at the highest, the aerobic bacterias will be well protected. So, our oxygen generator can provide steady flow of oxygen


Ozone (O3) is a three atomic molecule and is much less stable than diatomic oxygen (O2). It is highly reactive and it has a high level of energy. Ozone cannot be stored. Therefore many ozone generating systems use costly supplies of cylinder oxygen. Ozone can be produced either from air or oxygen. However, O2 is more closer than air, so using O2 as raw material is more energy efficiency. On the top of that, hig

Glass Industry

Oxygen in glass industry plays very important role and is commonly used to enhance combustion. The benefits are fuel saving due to improved furnace efficiency, increased flame temperature, reduced energy cost, reduced pollutants such as particles, NOx or CO2, improved glass quality and  etc. These benefits create a platform for production increase which is the most common motivation for using O2,so our PSA oxyge

Fish Farming

With the rising of fish products demand, more and more fish farmers use our oxygen generator to help them expand fish farming scale. Fish production can be increased as long as sufficient oxygen, fresh water and food are provided. Regulated fish farming reduces the potential negative impact on the environment due to oxygen depletion and ensures that fish do not suffer due to improper oxygen balance. The fish are