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Types and applications of nitrogen plant

Types and applications of nitrogen plant

Types and applications of nitrogen plant

Jun 30,2021

At present, nitrogen plant can be divided into three categories: ammonium nitrogen plant, nitrate nitrogen fertilizer, and state nitrogen fertilizer according to the form of nitrogen compounds in nitrogen fertilizer.

1. Ammonium nitrogen plant

Carbonic acid or ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium, ammonia, ammonia, and ammonia are all ammonium nitrogen fertilizers. The common characteristics of these fertilizers are: easy water quality and water, plants can directly absorb, but the characteristics of this kind of fertilizer: life is also fast, so it is a quick-acting fertilizer.

2. Nitrate nitrogen plant

Nitrification nitrogen fertilizer refers to chemical nitrogen fertilizer containing root nitric acid, mainly including nitrogen and potassium, sodium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate and so on. Nitrified fertilizer is also a quick-acting fertilizer that is easily caused by water, but it has high moisture absorption and is prone to agglomeration under normal circumstances, but it does not affect the effect. Be careful when hitting with a hammer. It is prone to explosion. Generally, iron is not recommended. Hammered.

3. Amide nitrogen fertilizer

During the corn production process, a small amount of shrinkage fertilizer will be formed. Excessive shrinkage fertilizer will have certain toxic effects on crop growth. If the roots are fertilized, the eggs need to be deep-covered with mulch soil, because as a nitrogen plant, it cannot be absorbed by the roots and needs to be converted into ammonium nitrogen before it can be absorbed in large amounts.Because the whole body is small in size, it is easy to pass through the cell membrane. However, the strength used is prone to prosperous.