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Precautions for the use of oxygen generator

Precautions for the use of oxygen generator

Precautions for the use of oxygen generator

Jul 13,2021

Oxygen generator are very common machines, but many people don’t know what to pay attention to when using oxygen concentrators.

1. Patients who buy an oxygen generator should read the instructions carefully before using it.

2. Avoid open flames when using the oxygen generator to avoid fire.

3. The oxygen generator should be placed steadily, otherwise it will increase the noise of the oxygen generator.

4. The water level in the humidification bottle should not be too high, otherwise the water in the bottle will easily escape or enter the oxygen suction tube.

5. When the oxygen generator is not used for a long time, please cut off the power, pour off the water in the humidifying bottle, wipe the surface of the oxygen generator clean, cover it with a plastic cover, and store it in a dry place without sunlight.

6. When the oxygen generator is turned on, do not place the flowmeter float at the zero position.

7. Pay special attention when filling the oxygen bag with the oxygen generator. After the oxygen bag is filled, you must first unplug the oxygen bag intubation, and then turn off the oxygen generator switch, otherwise it will easily cause the negative pressure of the humidification bottle to suck back. Enter the oxygen generator, causing the oxygen generator to malfunction.

8. During transportation and storage, it is strictly prohibited to place it horizontally, upside down, damp or direct sunlight!

9. For long-term use, pay attention to the maintenance of replacing the water in the humidifying bottle, the oxygen suction tube, and cleaning the filter or the dirty filter.

10. Adjust the oxygen flow rate and oxygen inhalation time according to different individual conditions.