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Introduction to the principle of oxygen generator

Introduction to the principle of oxygen generator

Introduction to the principle of oxygen generator

Jul 13,2021

Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas, and it is an important substance for the human body to survive. Nowadays, there are many kinds of oxygen generators on the market. Due to the different principles of oxygen generation, the operating characteristics of each oxygen generator are also different. The oxygen principle of oxygen production mechanism is:

The first type: the principle of oxygen production by chemical reaction

The oxygen concentration is very high, which can reach 90%. For people in need of first aid, oxygen can be supplemented in time. However, due to the simple equipment, troublesome operation, and high cost of use, a certain cost is required for each oxygen inhalation, and many defects such as inability to continuous use are not suitable for home oxygen therapy.

The second type: the principle of electrolyzed water

As the name suggests, electrolyzed water is to use electricity to split water to extract oxygen. There must be an electrode decomposition device in it, and water must be constantly added. This kind of oxygen concentrator is expensive, but the service life is shorter, and the machine cannot be tilted or moved randomly, and the power consumption is also very large, otherwise it will be damaged and the stability is poor. Household oxygen concentrators generally rarely use this kind of oxygen The method is more used in industry.

The third type: the principle of oxygen-enriched membrane

The oxygen-enriched membrane is based on the principle of selective permeation of organic polymer membranes. It uses the characteristic of oxygen-enriched membranes to allow oxygen molecules in the air to pass preferentially, and concentrates them through physical devices to produce oxygen. Oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen production mechanism oxygen technology is relatively simple, the technical level is low, but the oxygen produced by this oxygen production method is about 30% concentration of oxygen, which can be used for long-term oxygen therapy and health care, and under severe hypoxia The first aid required can only use medical high-concentration oxygen.

The fourth type: molecular sieve principle

This type of oxygen generator is currently a popular oxygen generation technology, and the oxygen generation effect is determined by the quality of the molecular sieve and compressor. Molecular sieve is a kind of particles with many small pores of different diameters. These small pores are only a few microns. Therefore, it is possible to choose which molecules can pass through and which cannot according to the size of molecules in the air. This kind of oxygen production technology uses the physical method of molecular diameter to absorb oxygen from the air without any side effects.